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Newsletters are published on our website each fortnight and a print copy is sent home with the oldest child in each family that has requested one.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

newsletter-8-2-2017.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 3, Issue 9newsletter-8-2-20172/08/2017426 KB
newsletter-7-19-2017.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 2, Issue 8newsletter-7-19-201719/07/2017319 KB
newsletter-2017-15-6-.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 2, Issue 7newsletter-2017-15-6-15/06/2017369 KB
newsletter-2017-17-5.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 2, Issue 6newsletter-2017-17-517/05/2017371 KB
newsletter-2017-3-5.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 2, Issue 5newsletter-2017-3-53/05/2017401 KB
newsletter-2017-19-4.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 2, Issue 5newsletter-2017-19-419/04/2017371 KB
newsletter-2017-8-3.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 1, Issue 4newsletter-2017-8-38/03/2017376 KB
newsletter-2017-22-2.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 1, Issue 3newsletter-2017-22-222/02/2017360 KB
newsletter-2017-8-2.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 1, Issue 2newsletter-2017-8-220/02/2017397 KB
newsletter-2017-30-1.pdf2017 Newsletter Term 1, Issue 1newsletter-2017-30-130/01/2017352 KB